Tuesday, February 18, 2014

on the occurrence of freckles

Now when Andy and I started dating we would joke that if we ever had kids they would most likely pop out short little freckly hobbit children.
Andy is 5'3" and I'm 5'2.5" on a good day.
On a summer day you could play connect the dots for hours on either our noses and our backs would take weeks...needless to say we have freckles.

I tried to find you photo proof...but sadly freckles are hard to photograph and I could only find one of me...with baaaaad 90's hair....so no, I don't have photo proof. You'll just have to take my word for it!

Last week when Elliot was at the doctor for his 6 month check up I noticed a little brown spot on his sleeve.
Me, thinking it's chocolate....because ya I eat candy bars in the car...don't judge, tries the mom lick your finger and wipe technique.
It doesn't budge...
OMG it's a freckle!

Que me getting super excited about his first freckle and the nurse looking at me like "who let this crazy woman have a kid".
Clearly she's not Irish!
I on the other hand am Irish...

I took a photo of his little first freckle, told my family and you better believe they were as excited as me. I can't wait till he is covered in them! Call me crazy, I don't care. It's the little things in life! Don't even get me started on the fact that his hair is getting lighter and in the sun it looks reddish...

so here I leave you with photo proof. I may be the only mother to get this excited about a first freckle, but who cares! Freckles for everyone!!!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Oh Avocado

 I swear one of these days I'll take a photo of my kitchen clean so you guys believe me that I clean it!

We started Elliot on solids just after he turned 6months, he had been getting a nightly snack of rice cereal in prep for real food for about a month and had been going strong! He'd lean way in, mouth all open and just nom away...So we figured it was time. We got the green light from the Doc and thought what the hay...let's jump in feet first.
I did tons of research and decided that avocado would be the smartest and best way for us to go. The mild taste and creamy texture is easy for them to transition to solids from cereal, not to mention how good for you those yummy little green things are for you! Win win!
So I picked up one at the grocery store and mashed, measured, and froze when I got home. I figured we would start off little, so I measured them out in one tablespoon cubes.

Now I did prepair myself for the chance he wouldn't like it, that he would spit it back at me, and even the chance that he would in fact up chuck!....I didn't however prepare myself for the range of emotions that the child went through!

I bust up every time I look at this one!

Side note: when we gave El rice cereal for the first time I gave Andy my phone to video...I won't even share that one...it makes me sea sick. The man can't hold still! So this time I held my phone with one hand and fed with the other...this resulted in a less than good video, a bit blurry but great non the less!

We have since tried mixing with rice cereal and it's a hit! I just think the flavors are a bit too strong for him.
We have added butternut squash (again mixed with cereal) to his diet. He gets avocado for brunch and squash for dinner.
We tried peas...peas=puke. (just like his momma) I didn't video that one...your welcome!

I'm are not sure where to go from squash, I'm thinking sweet potatoes or green beans.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Elliot: 6 months

Oh Elliot, my little man. How is it that half a year has passed already? I feel as if time is just going too fast, that I want to slow it down and sometimes rewind it and have my little newborn back. And then, as if all at once, you do something new and awesome and I can't imagine you at any other age!
If I'm being totally honest, I'm in love with the 6 month old you.

You are getting more wiggly and pictures in your rocker are getting much harder....but thanks to gramma we can keep you from falling out and getting all fussy (and the sock monkey behind the camera helps too).

 6 month stats

Weight:  15 pounds {5th-10th percentile}
Length:  26 inches {25th percentile}
Head: 17 inches {25th percentile}
Diapers:  Disposable: size 2 {although the tabs overlap and you could probably still fit into a size 1} Cloth: middle rise and two snaps between tabs.
Clothes: 6-9 months, 6 months, and you still fit into some 3 months shirts

You're a snuggler, and sleeping is no different! You must have one hand on your momma at all times! You love to sleep on your side with your arm up over your head. You still wake up once to eat, but usually after a 4-6hr stretch and then you fall right back to sleep for another 2-4hrs.

You also love to eat, nursing every 2ish hours {still} and momma is hoping that solids will hep us stretch out our nursings.
So far you like avocado, but only if it's mixed with rice cereal. It's currently your brunch and we are trying veggies for dinner. Peas, to our dismay, result in some spewage! oh what fun!  So far that is all we have tried, but plan to add green beans, butternut squash and carrots in the near future.

 {oh this smirk!}

Tummy time is a toughie! You refuse to stay there, flippin yourself over and momma flips you back...it's an endless battle.  You also show NO desire to roll from back to front, even though you totally can...you little booger!

Sitting is slow going...I figured you would have had it by now, but you still wobble over after only a second or two...and if momma tries to outsmart your wobble by propping you up you get lazy and wiggle your way down into an incline.

You absolutely love to be sung to and you almost always "sing back", which is the sweetest little hum. To date your favorite tunes are "You are My Sunshine", "Twinkle Twinkle", "Edelweiss", "Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ra", and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" which I think is your absolute favorite...it can calm you down before I get out the first line.

Your teeth can't be too far off, the drool and chewing is non stop. Your amber necklace and Sophie the Giraffe are the two biggest helpers next to teething tabs. Your top lip is always chapped thanks to your little fingers taking up permanent residence in your mouth, but momma found out that Lansino nipple cream {of all things} is the best to treat that little problem! It stays on so much longer than any chapstick, because it's nice and thick!

Your favorite toys are Sophie and your blue sock monkey. Either one will make you instantly happy in different ways. Sophie will help you chew out the teeth pain and the monkey is your new cuddle buddy...his tail makes for good munching sometimes too ;)

So half a year has passed and you have changed so much. I can't wait to see how much you will change in the coming month and the rest of the year!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

time for the sippy

So this happened over the weekend.

Andy and I were at church building Elliot his Blessing Box (more n that in another post) and El was at my grandparents with my brother and dad.
He refused to nurse before I left so I knew he would take his bottle before I got back from our hour class...I didn't however expect to get a pic during class of him holding his bottle.
You see, he's not a bottle baby. 
He was in the beginning because of the fact he was tongue tied...and that was two months of Hell!
I grew to hate the pump and all instances of washing baby bottles.
It was a rough 2 months! But we made it.
The only time since then that El has had a bottle was when he was on antibiotics and I gave him an oz twice a day with his meds in it, and then two weeks ago when I was at another class.
So since he was 2 months he's had about 10ish bottles total...and up until the last two it was a fight to get him to take them.
It was really no big deal, only twice have I not been there to feed him and he has taken those two like a champ.
But a sippy cup?
 I had been worried that he wouldn't want to take a sippy cup...and if I'm being honest I totally didn't know that it was even anywhere near sippy cup time. (prepared parent right here!)
I just happened to see a post with a 6mo old that had a sippy cup a week or so ago and decided to pick one up.
I ended up with a Playtex Starter pack at the store last weekend.
(Link is for Toy's R Us, but I got mine at Meijer...and in blue and green)

So far I like them.
The handles are interchangeable so if you still want a two handle with the straw cup it's easy to pop one off of one lid and on another lid.
The only downfall is that they leak if you don't get them super tightly twisted on.
Elliot has been going strong with rice cereal the last few weeks, so cute because he leans way in with an open mouth like a little baby bird....then just attacks the spoon. I can barely wipe his face with the spoon because he's trying to get more in his mouth!

 (please excuse my messy kitchen...)
It took me a bit to get the consistency to what he would prefer, but now that we have it I feel that the transition to solids this weekend won't be an issue! (we plan to start with avocado!)
So back to the cup, I decided to give it to him Sunday night just to see what he would do.
He did way better than I expected, we just have to get the tip up to drink down and we are golden!

My hope is to move him on to the straw quickly. And I may even try that out when he starts solids this weekend...it may surpass the tip to sip!

*This post is not sponsored by Playtex, all thoughts and reviews are my own. Although if they wanted to pay me I wouldn't mind.