Monday, January 28, 2013

So I'm back

and for real this time too!

The last 4 posts were to serve a purpose for a class last semester where I needed a blog to link to a webpage, so basically it was just filler.

what most people will be asking is where and why I have been gone for so long. Well, my dears, I will fill you in, but I'm not lettin ya know that info yet. But soon...soon.

Heck I don't even remember the last real post I did! ha!

I plan on this being a place to express my life in general, which in flat out terms is easy...
but seriously, when is life easy?!?! So this will be a mis-mash of crap and life!

Starting when?
later this week, babes.

See you soon!

and because I haven't really said anything I'll leave you with a funny.