Friday, March 21, 2014

Elliot: 7 months

 Oh man how did a month go by? I feel like it went so quickly, yet so much happened!
Your personality is changing so much everyday, and I have to admit that you are getting a bit of an attitude...sorry buddy, but that one comes form momma's Irish/French Canadian side ;)

 You are all about the sitting now (though you may wobble a bit still and tend to launch yourself forward into full face-plant...then you get mad. You would also rather stand and jump than lay down.

I feel we have also moved up to big guy status with the stroller, you now love to sit in the seat instead of the baby car seat part! It's so stinkin cute I can hardly stand it!

If we prop you up on your knees you get all happy and rock back and forth...not sure if I'm ready for the crawling yet (in other words SLOW DOWN!).

 7 month stats

Weight:  no clue...if I had a working scale maybe we would know ;)
Length:  yep don't know either...maybe I'll get out a tape measure
Head: please see above...gee I'm lazy!
Diapers:  Disposable: size 2 { the tabs still overlap ya skinny little dude}
                Cloth: middle rise and two snaps between tabs.
Clothes: same as last month: 6-9 months, 6 months, and you still fit into some 3 months shirts
Although I think you may have gotten a bit taller, because some of your jammies are too snug {shoulder to foot} and I think it may soon be time to move up to the 9month size for jammies...but the onesies are still long enough to make it for hopefully months.

 You are still a snuggle monkey, and are turning into one little momma's boy. I officially think that you have hit the cling-to-momma-and-all-other-people-are-not-cool stage. Momma's not a fan of this stage...her arms get tired {she really would like a ring sling for Easter}

Tons happened this month!

Mommy and Daddy had their first night out without you {for Valentines Day}, you stayed home with Gramma and Grampa. We payed them in wine...true story ;)

We went on our first vacation!
Just a car trip up to The Dells to stay at Kalahari.
But first we had to leave a day avoid the snow {by going north...?!?!} so we decided to stop and stay in Madison. Dinner and an evening with friends who live there {and their new baby!}
Then in the morning it was off for 3days with Daddy's family! It was so nice and fun to get away!
Plus you love water, so you were in high heaven!

You were baptized last weekend, and we had a big party to celebrate!
You were so good during church, you didn't fuss once and just watched pastor when he poured water over your head! It also helped to flirt with the little girl {also 7months} that was being baptized at the same have turned into one heck of a flirt these days!
The house was full after to celebrate, mostly family but a few friends too! 

 But the biggest of all firsts this month is your new TOOTH!!!
Momma found it a week or so ago, popped right up on us! {bottom left} We believe it's neighbor is not far off.
You constantly have your tongue out now, and I think it's because you like the feel of your tooth when it rubs against the bottom of your tongue.

You also have picked up the baby babble! I love it!
You have the sweetest little jibber jabber, and it makes me smile...which then makes you smile.

Oh little man, I'm so happy you are mine! I can't imagine my life without you!
I can't wait for spring to finally get here so we can explore the world outside together!