Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Elliot: month one

I can't believe my baby is a month old already.
It seems like that time just few by, and yet it seems like so long ago that the little man popped into my world.
I guess that's how it is with a baby, slowly speeding by.

My goal is to do a weekly update, but this first month had this new momma a little distracted...I haven't been on my computer much, and for good reason ;)

please prepare yourself for picture overload

 The first week was a bit of a blur, yet I seem to remember it quite well.
You can read Elliot's birth story here.

 great grandma and grandpa {my mom's parents} hold Elliot for the first time.
 These two pics of my grandpa and Elliot melt my heart. I'm a grandpa's girl and man is it amazing seeing how he is with Elliot.

 Elliot and his grandmas

 The hospital was great {aside from the whole traumatic delivery}. The nurses and everyone at the hospital were beyond nice. I felt so at home there...It may have been partially because I was afraid to be home on our own. 

 leaving the hospital

Really I had nothing to worry about. Being at home was just as comforting and both our parents came over with food and to see how we were doing, the rest of the family and our friends left us be...without having to be asked to. We sort of lived in our own little bubble of a world that consisted of the living room and kitchen for that first week.
 we just happened to get home in time for Elliot's first Bears game!

You may be wondering about the binkie...well we had the absolute worst time with nursing.
I have been exclusively pumping since he has been two days old thanks to a horrid latch and breast issues on my end too.
The second day we were in the hospital I spent an hr and half with the lactation consultant and in the end I had blisters and was bleeding...we left and went straight to pick up a hospital grade pump and I've been attached to it since. 
About 2 weeks ago I discovered Elliot was tongue tied, proving what the issue was. We had an appointment with a specialist this morning and they will clip it on the 23rd...lets hope he will still go for breast feeding.
I'm terrified he it will be too late and he won't latch.

All in all the first week home was great, Andy took the week off and really I was sad to see him go back to work.
I set up for my mom to be with me two days and also had some friends over one day, but the two days I was alone were lonely.
I missed having someone else in the house...someone who answers back when you talk.
Don't get me wrong I loved the baby cuddles, but adult interaction is nice.

The second week I got out a bit more, I was feeling so good that I felt the need to just walk!
I think I may have overdid myself because every time I did anything I got so warn down....I just couldn't help myself.
Seriously I can't even handle that picture above, it's too perfect.

and this one gets me too. My mom was whispering "grandma loves you" in his ear and he kept smiling...and let's not even talk about how my grandpa has his hand on Elliot's head. This will forever be one of my favorite photos.

Elliot's favorite person has got to be my brother. The minuet uncle Jake picks him up he melts...my brother melts a bit too ;)

This is what I like to call "frogging"

He's defiantly a chest/shoulder baby, he would gladly spend all his time curled up under your chin.
I love it and we spend most of our mornings like this.

Elliot is a swing lovin baby, sometimes I feel bad that he spends such big chunks of time in there....but if he didn't I wouldn't have clean bottles to feed him with!

He's not that big of a bouncy seat fan, it'll last about 5min and that's only if I'm talking to him.
but seriously how cute is that big ol monkey head behind him!

We started going out with him more during his 3rd week.
Not to many big places, just dinner here and there. 

 He also got to experience {sleep through} his first corn fest. Our town has a street fair of sorts every August. There are food carts, craft booths, live blues music and most of all corn on the cob.

Elliot and Daddy's first Illini game!

We also went swimming!
We have friends who live in a complex with a pool so we decided to dip the dude in.

First of all the baby speedo kills me, second can we please talk about how the kid has a better skin tone than I do! I'm so white! {ps he looks like he's red, it's just the lighting...it was also very overcast and he was only in for about 5min)
he loved it once he got past the initial shock of the water and I'm sure he would have stayed in there till he turned into a little prune, but we all got hungry and the sun was going down.

This week hasn't been too much fun.
Elliot is Mr. Fussy Pants, and we have spent the past two days in Dr's offices.
First his one month check up
he's up to 9lbs and 22inches, that's 1.5lbs and 1.5 inches gain. 
Dr said he's right on target with growth and other than his tongue issue he's doing great.
Second was the specialist about clipping his tongue was today.
we opted to have it clipped in office...there is no way I want them to put my baby under anesthesia unless it's life threatening!

So there you have it, one month has flown by and it saddens my heart that my little baby is getting bigger, but at the same time I can't wait to see the type of little man he will become.