about me

My name is Katy Martin.
I am a Midwestern girl who married a Midwestern boy then got a dog and had a baby...pretty typical.
Yet my life has been unique, as is everyone's.

I was born a daughter to a single mother, we were alone for 8years and I blame that for our extreme bond. My mom is my best friend, we spend at least one day together a week...and when that doesn't happen (thanks to weather or other reasons) I feel like part of me is missing. Needless to say I love my momma!
When I was 9 my momma married and then had my brother when I was 10.
Oh my brother...I feel like that kid is mine too. We can talk for hours with just movie quotes and sit around living on crappy tv shows and hash browns.

After high school I drifted. I tried college...then I moved and then moved back within a year...worked and lived with my parents and then one night I went out with some girls and met a boy.

Andy and I were meant to be, that was evident form the start. We only dated 4months before we were moving out of state together.
That first year was rough! He worked a wacky third shift schedule and I worked second, so we were always tired and rarely had days off together, but we made it work...I always said that if we could make it through that first year we would always be together...and here we are 9 years later!
We ended up back in our hometown after a year away and into a small apartment. Over the years we moved into a house and got married then a few more years and I went back to school...in the mean time came a bigger (forever) house.

I graduated last May (at 23 weeks pregnant) with a degree in digital communications. I have a passion for designing graphics and hope to make a home business out of that and my crochet and sewing.

Elliot was born on a warm and rainy August night, and my life hasn't been the same since!  I'm lucky enough to stay home with my dude, and couldn't imagine a life away from him. I feel truly blessed every day to wake up to his little smiling face!

This blog is a landing place.
A place where I can share and record my life, and maybe also so crafting too ;)

So Welcome and I hope you stick around.