Wednesday, February 5, 2014

time for the sippy

So this happened over the weekend.

Andy and I were at church building Elliot his Blessing Box (more n that in another post) and El was at my grandparents with my brother and dad.
He refused to nurse before I left so I knew he would take his bottle before I got back from our hour class...I didn't however expect to get a pic during class of him holding his bottle.
You see, he's not a bottle baby. 
He was in the beginning because of the fact he was tongue tied...and that was two months of Hell!
I grew to hate the pump and all instances of washing baby bottles.
It was a rough 2 months! But we made it.
The only time since then that El has had a bottle was when he was on antibiotics and I gave him an oz twice a day with his meds in it, and then two weeks ago when I was at another class.
So since he was 2 months he's had about 10ish bottles total...and up until the last two it was a fight to get him to take them.
It was really no big deal, only twice have I not been there to feed him and he has taken those two like a champ.
But a sippy cup?
 I had been worried that he wouldn't want to take a sippy cup...and if I'm being honest I totally didn't know that it was even anywhere near sippy cup time. (prepared parent right here!)
I just happened to see a post with a 6mo old that had a sippy cup a week or so ago and decided to pick one up.
I ended up with a Playtex Starter pack at the store last weekend.
(Link is for Toy's R Us, but I got mine at Meijer...and in blue and green)

So far I like them.
The handles are interchangeable so if you still want a two handle with the straw cup it's easy to pop one off of one lid and on another lid.
The only downfall is that they leak if you don't get them super tightly twisted on.
Elliot has been going strong with rice cereal the last few weeks, so cute because he leans way in with an open mouth like a little baby bird....then just attacks the spoon. I can barely wipe his face with the spoon because he's trying to get more in his mouth!

 (please excuse my messy kitchen...)
It took me a bit to get the consistency to what he would prefer, but now that we have it I feel that the transition to solids this weekend won't be an issue! (we plan to start with avocado!)
So back to the cup, I decided to give it to him Sunday night just to see what he would do.
He did way better than I expected, we just have to get the tip up to drink down and we are golden!

My hope is to move him on to the straw quickly. And I may even try that out when he starts solids this may surpass the tip to sip!

*This post is not sponsored by Playtex, all thoughts and reviews are my own. Although if they wanted to pay me I wouldn't mind.


  1. Haha... I've been oblivious about the sippy cup, too. But I'm doing better about remembering to offer it to her more often throughout the day.

    We have those playtex cups, as well as the Nuby soft-spout, two-handled cups, and I have to say, Nuby wins easily. I think only because, if you compare the two, the Playtex ones are REALLY hard to suck out of (we tried - ha!). To the extent you don't have a lot of luck with the Playtex cups, try the Nubys. :)

    1. Thanks for the Nubys rec! I'll have to try those. I decided to hand him the straw one and he totally get's the straw in mouth thing, but doesn't get anything out. I'm wondering now if it's because it's too hard to.