Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Elliot's Birth Announcement

wow I can't believe that it's already been 3 weeks.
My little man has changed so much in these short days, I want to keep him this little forever.
I have to say that he is just perfect and if I had my way he would forever be my little cuddle buddy.

I finally lugged my iMac downstairs and set it up at our dining room table. It's just way easier for me to hop on for an hour here and there and actually get some stuff done!

I finished his birth announcement yesterday and I plan on sticking them in the mail as soon as I can get them printed, but I figured I'd give you guys a preview!
somehow I managed to get a simile with the first photo I took!
I love how it turned out, simple yet adorable!

I've also been taking weekly pictures.
While pregnant I stumbled across the blog Young House Love and they had a simple, easy, practical and best by way to take weekly photos!
So I'm copping them and putting Elliot on a different background each week while wearing a white onesie. Then I pull it into photshop and edit a bit and also place the "sticker" on his tummy!
After we hit the one year mark we plan to make a coffee table book of his photos and milestones for our parents {and ourselves too}
That's another task I'm taking on...
I feel like I didn't go to school for nothing! so I'm determined to design the book {page by page} by myself.
I may be crazy.

I think I'm going to save his first few week photos for the one month post, that way I don't do one now and then another in a week....
holy crap we are a week away from one month!
someone make it stop!

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  1. What a beautiful birth announcement!! I love the smile you got out from him, so precious! Congrats again!!