Saturday, August 3, 2013

39&40 week bumpdate

yep still pregnant
woo hoo
2days over due and counting.

I'm so ready to have this kid it's not even funny!
I'm uncomfortable...and oh so tired.

The last two weeks have been a vast difference from the one before, 
it's been cool and rainy
and I love it.

I went to the dr. Friday and she checked...
only at 2 {dilated} which is up from 1 last Friday.
but he's at +2 so that's something
I also lost my plug on Saturday...sorry TMI and she scraped my membranes this last Friday.
HOLY HELL that felt fantastic!
It was like she was reaching up there and patting him on the head!

I still have his feet in my ribs, so I have no hope of him dropping before I go into labor...
or have him evicted.
Which will be next Wednesday/Thursday if he isn't here by then.
I have an appointment Wednesday morning to be checked, if my cervix is still at 50% she will put me in over night {7pm-7am} with Cervidil and then Thursday morning she will break my water and see how it goes...I'm hoping I don't need Pitocin. 
Well if we are being honest I hope I go into labor before then.

Doc also said she thinks he's around 7lbs...I'm hoping she's guessing big ;)
I still haven't swelled, I'm still wearing my rings which is awesome.
and surprisingly I'm still in some non-maternity shirts...

39 weeks

40 weeks

apparently I like the color blue!


  1. So exciting! I hope you go into labor so they don't have to induce you. Can't wait for the good news.

  2. So excited! Can't wait to hear the awesome news!