Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Short Valentines Day Wish List

I've never been one for jewelry. I wear the basics and most times not even those.
I have my wedding set, and 90% of the time I only have on my wedding band...I tend to scratch the dude if I have on my engagement's tall and he's all wiggly!
Andy gave me a necklace for Christmas, a simple little silver heart with little diamonds on a simple chain. I wear it on special occasions and often use the chain to place hand made charms that go with random outfits. It's only downfall is that it gets quite tangled in the fine little hairs that fall from ponytails...and let's face it I'm in a ponytail more than I'm not. So it lives in a small little owl on my bathroom sink.
 you can barely see it...
and also ohmahgawd look how little we were!
Also RED HAIR! (I miss it sometimes)
I do believe this was our first Christmas together.

He also gave me diamond earrings for my birthday one year...and then last year, while pregnant, I lost one...then it miraculously was found on my kitchen floor...still have no idea how it got there, but I'm glad it did. I've been so afraid it'll get lost again that I never wear them.

I just never wear anything, unless we are going out of the house...then I slip on my wedding band.

But now that I have Elliot I find myself drawn to simple and modern mothers jewelry.

So here is my short and sweet Valentines Gift List.

I love this, it's just so simple. 
Doesn't hurt that it's super easy to add future children to either ;)

 I just love the idea of a band of your child's birthstone to go with your wedding set.

and the smaller it is the wedding set is real thin bands of diamonds.
It could also be stack-able...again for future children.

love this one...but just not the red...she has some oatmeal crochet beads and that would be just perfect!

and as a bonus
amber for both Elliot and I.

So not to big. Just a small little list.
If I got one I'd be happy, if I got them all I'd be ecstatic.
and chocolate never hurt anyone either ;)

What's on your list?

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