Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Not Dead

I kinda feel like Sherlock...coming back and waiting for all you to just punch me or strangle me like Watson did. (do you watch BBC's Sherlock? If you don't you should, It'll change your life I swear!)

So it's a new year and I've been missing since September...sorry.
I just was so focused on the dude, holidays, and family.
But like I said it's a new year and I want to make blogging something bigger in my life. I like the accountability, that I have someone to show what I've done. I need that kick in the rear!

So what does this year hold for me?
-be healthy, eat better and get in better shape.
-Take more pictures with my real camera.
-organize and decorate this house! (because man it needs it!)
-launch etsy shop and build back stock for craft shows

I want to blog about all those, and so much more too...

So sorry for leaving you friends, I'm back now.

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