Wednesday, January 29, 2014

This boy of mine so far

Oh this little man of mine, I couldn't be in more love with him. I know every single mother feels this way, but oh man I just can't help it!
I wake up each morning to him smiling at me, and it melts all my know the ones from the bedtime struggle. But more on that another time.

The last I showed you of him he looked like this
and oh do I miss him that little!
Warning: Picture Overload Ahead!

 his first time in Church...sweater vest and all!

 uncle Jake naps are the best naps!

 pretending to be a joey and letting mommy get things done.
 and then there's just times when you need to be Batman.
 we started to smile
 and cop some tude!
 we had fancy dinners for mommy and daddy's anniversary.

 we snuggled papa a lot
 and we cheered on our favorite team!
 we met our cousins!
 they are just five weeks apart

 we finally put our bum in some cloth diapers! 
and we love it!

 we took a trip to a pumpkin patch

 and we dressed like a robot for Halloween!
 mommy made me a monster hat and everyone fell in love with me at a tailgate party.

 I got better at the smiling thing
 we had a lot of firsts!
First snow!
 and first Doctor Who!

 If you can't eat the mashed taters ya might as well play with them!
 First Turkey Day!
 First time meeting mommy's cousins

 we discovered I look like uncle Jake's baby pictures!

 First Baby Mohawk!

 FaceTime with GG (great grandma) "not so close GG"
 opening our first Christmas present on Christmas eve...Jammies from mommy and daddy! a Christmas tradition.
We had Christmas breakfast with mommy's family

 and opened some presents

Then off to Daddy's family
 With the cousins!
 mmmm bow!

 Daddy's old Superman Sweatshirt!
 Elliot and his ET "Ell-E-Ut"
 jump jump jump...I love to jump!
 Dressing up as Mike Ditka...and being annoyed with the Bears.
 Baby Selfies!
 more Mohawks
 more giggles
 Beard hair!

 watching the Muppets
chillin in church.

So as you can see he has grown quite a bit!

 and to think we are just days away from the half birthday...I can't believe I've had him for half a year now. It seems impossible. I miss the little baby so much it hurts sometimes, but then he "talks" at me and laughs at me and reaches out grabs my face and kisses me and I'm totally ok with how big he's gotten.