Sunday, April 7, 2013

23 week bumpdate

 I have been so bad at reading and commenting on blogs {and posting!}, I hate it!
Hopefully that will change in the next week or so...but I doubt it

How far along? 
  23 weeks, 3days
How big is baby?  
a grapefruit!
Maternity Clothes: 
  yep, I'm in big but regular yoga capris today!
mostly in the mornings and evenings...little bugger doesn't want to move when anyone has their hand on my stomach, but I have felt some kicks and punches lately.
doing ok, I'm still having problems falling back to sleep after bathroom runs. The husband snoring isn't helping either!
Best moment this week:  
everything is mostly normal around here...would it be too nerdy of me to say watching the new Doctor Who???
Miss Anything? 
getting up off the couch quickly...
  the headaches haven't killed me this week, but the heartburn is kicking in full force now! also have constant back pain now too...woo hoo
pie...I'm sure if given a fork and whip cream I could eat an entire apple pie all by myself. I wouldn't turn down some baklava either....
Weekly wisdom: 
hire someone to paint the nursery, just the simple act of asking someone else to do it has lifted a huge weight off our shoulders. It also helps to have cousins that run a painting business ;)
Looking forward to:  
more of this fantastic weather! FLIP FLOPS!!!

I don't feel like I've gotten any bigger in the last few weeks, I need to put the last few pictures together and see.
{now if school would let me do anything but homework maybe I could! May can't get here fast enough}

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