Thursday, April 18, 2013

25 {and 24} week bumbpdate

ya I've been suuuuuper busy. School is sucking my life away. 3 more weeks and I'm done and I'm so ready...I feel like I have no time for myself or anything but school at the moment. It will be so nice to actually have some me time soon!

I missed last weeks was a packed week.

How far along? 
  25 weeks
How big is baby?  
the Bump says cauliflower, but I've also heard eggplant.
Maternity Clothes: 
  still some regular...depending on their stretch, but I''m 90% in maternity because I don't want to stretch out all my cloths.
He's kicking stronger now, last I was sitting on the couch, kinda leaning on my side and I had my arm resting on my side/belly and he kicked so hard it nudged my cool.
this week was better than last, I have been able to fall back asleep rather quickly when I get up to pee, but the dreams are some of the oddest ever.
Best moment this week:  
Last weekend we spent a ton of time together and with another couple. Grilled out and played bags in the back yard...played with the dogs {theirs and ours} and just had an all around amazing sunny weekend. {thanks to no homework}
I also passed my glucose test!
Miss Anything? 
I could have used a nice cold beer with my brat this weekend, but lemon-aid did just fine.
  lower back pain, headaches and the sharp round ligament pains have started.
I still want pie {apple please} and milk...sometimes I just HAVE to have a glass.
Weekly wisdom: 
Finishing college while pregnant is hard, also don't sign yourself up for anything past'll regret it.
Looking forward to:  
being done with school {3 more weeks!} so that I can get the house in order and get it ready for the little man to get here!

24 weeks pictures:
 got this skirt at Old Navy when I first got pregnant, so excited to finally get to wear it! 
{thanks to the ONE warm day so far}

25 weeks pictures:

And just for some fun a comparison:
15, 20, 25
I'm thinking the boob growth is making it look like I haven't gotten much bigger! 
The fact that I went up 2 cup sizes between week 20 and 25 is making my belly look the same.
also how funny is it that my hair is done the same way in all three photos?!? guess I really like the half up look.

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