Friday, March 29, 2013

22 week bumpdate

 yesterday was a moccasin kinda day

I can't believe I hit 6 months! I also forgot to take a side view shot...
it was a crazy day...and I had a family scare.

How far along? 
  22 weeks, 1day {6months}
How big is baby?  
a papaya!
Maternity Clothes: 
  almost totally in them, still pulling out a few shirts, but I really don't want to stretch out all my cloths and have nothing after baby!
he's a mover and a shaker in the mornings and evenings. I felt him kick from outside last night for the first time!
doing ok, I do have a hard time falling back to sleep after a pee run.
Best moment this week:  
Snow day on Monday, spending 2 days with my momma this week and feeling him kick.
Miss Anything? 
eating and drinking without getting heartburn.
  haven't had a migraine this week{knock on wood}, heartburn, lower back pain...I also have a tooth ache :(
still don't want red meat or chicken, fell like I could eat a turkey sandwich everyday all day...stupid listeria!
Weekly wisdom: 
wrap your loved ones in bubble wrap {I'll explain below}
Looking forward to:  
hosting Easter brunch again this year and seeing family.

so on to why you should wrap your loved ones in bubble wrap...

That is my cousin they are pulling out of the passenger side.
She is ok, but had to have surgery on her leg.
her boyfriend was driving and not paying attention...{probably texting}
they hit a phone pole and she hit her head on the windshield and had a compound fracture in her leg...
she is 6 states and a 24hr car ride, $600 plane ticket or $300 bus or train ticket away from me.

for an hour all I knew was that she was in a car accident that involved a phone pole and the windshield. I was so scared {and home alone} I just sad and cried and prayed the entire hour.
It took them 4hrs to get her into surgery, I don't know why.

Please please don't text and drive.

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  1. Oh goodness. I am so sorry about your cousin. Sending so many thoughts her way. You are looking good! I like the way you are taking your bump photos!