Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bumpdate {26, 27, & 28}

wow I'm what one would call a suck-tastick blogger.
But in my defense...SCHOOL.
It has been Hell
I feel like I don't even have time for myself, yet I'm going to miss it so much.
I have finals this week, I'm going into both with a high B, so really I'm not worried. I looked at this semester and said "all I care about is passing".
I'm not looking to get the A, hell I'll settle for the low C!

I do promise that within the next few weeks (aka: after finals) I will be blogging more. I have posts that I have been wanting to write since I got pregnant, and maybe then I'll have some time to do them! 
I also have some craft projects...and an Etsy shop to open!
I have gifts to finish making and new ones to make and send.
I have a house to decorate.
I have a baby to get ready for!

So I'm sorry I've been missing, both in posting and in keeping up on my reading and comments!
I'll be better soon.

So on with the updates!

The last 3 weeks has been a whirlwind but a good one.

-Dude is now the size of an Eggplant {according to TheBump}but that's what I thought he was at 25...this whole fruit/veggie thing confuses me!
-He is kicking and rolling like crazy
-my feet have taken to swelling when I don't put them up now...not bad, but still annoying!
- I'm on the hunt for maternity capri jeans, it's getting warmer and I can only wear my yoga capris so many days in a row.
-Sleep still alludes me most nights, I now get up every hour to pee...and that wakes the kid up and he proceeds to kick for about 20-30 min...which keeps me up. So I'm not sleeping much.
- my lower back is KILLING me. I got a massage for mothers day! booking that bad boy SOON
-Heartburn has it's moments, still not so bad that a huge thing of milk doesn't help.
-I don't think my belly button is ever going to be an outie...it's still one knuckle deep...yes I check...yes I'm odd.
-I've acquired a heat rash under my ta-tas. I'm going to try out GoldBond powder because regular isn't working. {if anyone has any suggestions I'd be grateful} 
-I'm walking for graduation on Saturday...better late then never! {my gown is HUGE...like fit 3 people in it huge. mom and I are going to try to fix it on Friday}
- I have my showers in a few weeks. One on the first and one on the second. I need to find something cute to wear to both!

Now the photos:

26 weeks

 27 weeks
 28 weeks

and some others
 The hubs FINALLY got to feel the little guy move! I guess all it took was a architectural boat tour of Chicago. My friend happened to catch it with her phone, not knowing it was the first time he was feeling the dude...I can't believe we have this moment on photo.
ps- Andy's face cracks me up! it was so sunny so he was squinting.

 and I couldn't help but show you this pic of the dog...
the look on her face.
I can't get over it.
So please keep my in your thoughts! Finals tomorrow, and a good buy to one of the best teachers I will ever have. I don't think I'm even going to bother with makeup...I know I'm just going to cry it off.

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