Sunday, May 19, 2013

bumpdate {29 weeks}

Holy Cow what a week!

- starting to feel uncomfortable more than I'm not...
- Dude likes to roll around a lot, causing tons of pressure in one area.
- Finals were not as bad as I expected...I ended up with 2 B's...still waiting on my last grade to be posted.
- Graduation was...outside...and HOT.
I had to get a bump shot in the cap and gown!

these were before

and after the ceremony.
 all my friends...aka Peanut's Fairy God Mothers! 
{as they call themselves}

this was today
Peanut and I did some flower planting.
 I finally feel pregnant...
meaning when I look at myself I see pregnant and not just a fat girl.
{I have body issues, it's nothing new...but I feel like I hit the point in pregnancy where I'm finally comfortable with how I look}

Our next appointment is tomorrow, Andy took the day off to go with. 
I'm looking forward to another day with's been nice.

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