Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It's in the bag, baby!

so I totally wrote this last week...
came back today to add just a little bit 
hit a wrong key or something and everything just poofed away.

and since I love you, I re-type!

The Hospital Bags are packed!

Somehow I magically managed to pack everything
{mine, hubs, and baby}
in one small rolling suitcase!
I feel like some sort of a pro.
when really I'm just one of those people who is obsessed with packing and lists.
it's a sickness.

 {not pictured is a blanket for Andy and my "quick grab" bathroom bag}
look at all that stuff just crammed in there!
{the top expanding zipper isn't even unzipped!}
The top mesh part has an extra duffel bag
{for gifts if the dude gets any while in the hospital and for all the freebees/stuff from the hospital}
along with a smaller shopping bag, a plastic bag for wet/dirty stuff, and disposable boob pads&nip cream.
I also didn't list below, but my nursing cover is in there too.

The momma stuffs:

  1. shower flip flops {because eww shower floors}
  2. super comfy flip flops
  3. old swim top in case I want to get in the birthing tub
  4. granny panties
  5. DIY nursing tanks
  6. slippers
  7. socks
  8. super comfy pants, one capri one long pair
  9. going home outfit{loose yoga capris and a comfy loose shirt}
  10. nursing nightgown {gift from my momma} and robe
  11. not pictured is my nursing bra {it just got here in the mail}

The bathroom stuffs:

 The smaller purple & white bag is my makeup 
{super basic, just so I feel human when people visit}
 Travel everything: 
body wash
ear plugs 
{I also have a sleep mask in case I can't sleep}
{I also packed one for Andy}
hair gel spray
{home made mix of gel and water, works best for me}
hair-ties, bobby pins and clip
adult diapers!!!
{because I heard they are the BEST for the first day or so}

everything in that list fits inside the polkadot bag and in the suitcase
the blow-dryer, flat-iron, brushes, face wipes and makup bag all go in the brown owl bag 
It lives next to my bathroom sink since because I use the stuff daily
This is the "quick grab" bathroom bag
I figured it was easy enough for anyone to grab in a hurry, or if we are out and my water breaks and I need to send someone home to grab our bags.

The Dude's stuffs:

  1.  socks
  2. hats I made for him
  3. mittens
  4. sack onsies
  5. going home outfit {has matching booties with bears on them!}
  6. nail file, clippers, and petroleum jelly
  7. aden + anais swaddle blankets
  8. burp rags

I didn't take any pictures of Andy's stuff, I simply just tossed in 2 t-shirts, socks, boxers and some gym shorts. It's his usual evening attire and I just want him to be comfy too.
we will grab some flip flops for him to wear around on our way out the door.

There is also "tech" bag that includes
cameras and chargers
phone chargers
ipad and charger
also has the list of passwords for things like xfinity ;)

My purse {bag} is also what I like to call a "hobo bag of fun"
I swear I could live out of it for days if needed.
It has all my essentials:
nail clippers
 I guarantee if you need it, it's probably in my bag  

I feel like I packed way too much,
We will see how much we actually use!

Now we wait!
One week till due date!


  1. How exciting! Reading this makes me want to go home and pack my bags just in case! I know it might be a tad early but you never know when they want to make their appearance!

    I will have to take some stuff from your list! Oh btw I love lists. Im a tad of an organized freak!

    1. So glad I could help in some way! I loved your diaper bag post, makes me freak a bit since I don't even have the tags cut off mine yet....eeeeek

  2. I nominated you for a Liebster blog award! :)