Tuesday, June 11, 2013

31&32 bumpdate

I was totally going to post this on Sunday...
and well, our internet had different ideas.
So we decided to go shopping instead ;)

We ordered the glider for Dude's room and got some buckets and hangers for his closet.
I spent ALLLLL day yesterday doing laundry.
I started at noon and finished folding my last load around 7:45 last night.
Then I made myself ice cream...because I'm pregnant and I can.

I went to the doc on Friday {regular appointment} and my mom happened to have the day off so she came along.
Doc felt and figured Dude is head down! and she let my momma feel his little head and listen to his heartbeat.
I'm measuring right on at 32, and his heartbeat is a strong 150!
She said I'm considered a very normal, low risk pregnancy...which is so odd to hear after going through the battle of infertility.

There's not much else to report.
Things are seeming pretty normal, I am starting to have a hard time sleeping due to discomfort and I've been getting what I call gas trapped under my ribcage...that sucks a big one. It hurts so bad! the first time it happened it was the middle of the night and I almost woke Andy up to take me to the ER because it hurt so bad and nothing I did would help.
It went away thanks to a swig of Pepto {witch my doc said is just fine}.

I'm also still losing weight.
I'm down 10lbs {so says the scale} since I got pregnant.
add in the 15 or so pounds that I have gained in baby and boob and I'm guessing I'm down about 25lbs since I got pregnant.
Doc said she's not worried since I'm measuring on schedule and his heartbeat is where it's supposed to be, so I'm not worried. 
It's odd because I EAT...like more than I ever did in my life before!

I'm also debating our name choice for the Dude...
I just don't know how I feel about it.
It's a good name, it'll fit for all parts of life...
but I'm not totally in LOVE with it.
we'll see how I feel when I see him.

 31 side

 and top

 32 side
 and top

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