Monday, June 17, 2013

A little off

Today has been an off day.
I woke up feeling just not like myself.

Just crappy, I feel crappy.
I figured it,might be that I could use some water....and that didn't help.
I figured I should eat something...all that does is make me more pukey feeling.
So I've drank water and made myself eat and haven't up chucked yet.
Maybe some tea can help.

The dog however knows I'm off today, she won't leave my side.

So I decided that instead of doing things I should today that I instead would do what I wanted.
I sat on the couch and made a packing list.

You see, I'm somewhat of a list-a-holic.
I can't do anything without a list.
The worst is if I'm going on vacation or staying somewhere over night.
I'm so afraid that I won't have what I need...
I'm also an over packer ;)

Sadly I am not getting ready to jet off to a beach...
{oh now I'm reminiscing over last years trip to Mexico}
but instead I'm packing to have the dude!

I have been a bit obsessed with hospital packing lists...
I have way too many on my Pinterest board, but man did they come in handy today.

I took advice from a lot of moms {friends} and spent a good amount of time reading blog after blog.
I think I've come up with a pretty good list, which is nice since I want all the bags packed by the time I hit 37 weeks.
This gives me about 2ish weeks to pack it all up and have it waiting by the door.
I still have some things to buy
{like nursing bras and tanks}
but when I get it all packed I plan to do a post {with photos} just in case I can help anyone else out.

It's hard to believe I'm at the point of packing hospital bags
In so many ways I feel like I just found out I was pregnant, yet there are days where I just feel so.frigen.pregnant!


  1. Gah. I commented on this days ago on my phone and I had a feeling it didn't work... I was right! I wonder how many times this has happened to me?? grrr.

    Anyways. I'm so sorry you had a bad day girl- I hope you're feeling better now.
    And I can totally relate to the list thing- I'm that person too!! haha. I love 'em. AND I totally think you should share your awesome list, ...ya know so slackers like me can cheat off you and start packing ;) Eek. I should have that done by next week, shouldn't i?!

    1. My iPad does that too! Drives me nuts.
      Don't worry about packing! And you've done this should be telling me what to pack!