Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So it's true that when it rains it really does pour.

Today we took my car in for new tires and new filters.
Expecting it to be around $800...
After having the car for about 3hrs they call and the first thing the guy says is "I've got bad news".
I needed new brakes and pads.
Rounding out our total to $1,350!

Then we go to childbirth class.
Our normal 
 {and utterly fantastic}
teacher wasn't was, to my dismay, someone else...that I knew...and that I'm not a fan of.
But we got out early and I'm happily in pjs watching a movie on the couch.

Until I change the channel
hear the click that our tv makes when it switches from regular to HD
and shit goes nutz

Extremely loud static that can't be controlled by remote or turning the tv down. 
At first I thought it was the chanel that I changed to...but I tryed another and still had ear peircing static.
I'm thinking the speakers are blown.

Oh and I still feel like crap.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Awww man. I am sorry about the difficult day! Bummer indeed!