Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Oh what a weekend!

I missed the 31 week update...but I'm just going to stick it with the 32 one.

This weekend I was blessed with not one but two amazing baby showers!

Saturday was a lots of love from my mom's side of the family and all my friends.
I was crazy enough to say "why yes, my house can host the shindig!"
which meant that my mom and I basically handled ALL the planning, prepping and decorating...
I don't recommend it to anyone. Let alone someone who is 31 weeks pregnant!
but the fact of the matter is that I'm the type of person that must be in control, epically if it's happening in my house!

It was all worth it though.
I got to see friends that I haven't seen in FOREVER. Including one who hopped on a plane from Buffalo and was here for a mere 36 hrs just for the shower. I'm so glad she did!

one of my former teachers, and now friend made my cake! She is beyond amazingly skilled and that was the best tasting cake ever!
cookies and cream!
She made it to look like the invite, it was perfect.
 I don't look pregnant at all! in that photo.
I had about 15 people this weekend ask me if I've lost weight...
the truth is yes, I have. 
{that's another post in itself}

berry blue lemon-aid and ice tea
 we also had chicken salad sandwiches, veggie pizza, tortilla roll ups, and babies in blankets.{just like pigs in a blanket, but my mom wrapped them so they looked like little swaddled babies!}

me opening gifts...
and my baby {yes baby} brother tuckered out on the floor, he had JUST gotten off a train.
He was on said train for 2.5 days, he didn't sleep well {at all} on the thing, but he wouldn't have missed my shower for the world.

 our new stroller seemed to make a perfect foot rest!

Sunday was Andy's family showering me with love.
His mom and dad's sides got together and planned a brunch at a local restaurant.
We had breakfast casseroles, cinnamon toast, and fruit.

my mom managed to get a pic of the sign...she stood in the rain for like 10 min to get it.

such a cute diaper cake! and the froggy dude matches the nursery{well nursery plans}perfectly!

In the end we were feeling way over loved...and my dining room table was proof!

Along with all these gifts, Andy's parents gifted us our crib and mattress, 
and Andy couldn't wait to set it up.
I came home from Sunday's shower and he was half way done...

but apparently that wasn't enough for him because he decided that the stroller also needed to be put together.

he then insisted that the thing needed to be tested out...
by the dog.
So they went for a "walk" around the kitchen.

if all this newness isn't enough...
we also got a new couch, and it's being delivered on Saturday.
Now if you will excuse me I have to visit with my grandpa, who turns 82 today.
and while I sit there I have about half a million thank-yous to write.
oh and our childbirth classes start tonight.
 and people wonder why I'm so tired!


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