Sunday, July 14, 2013

37 week bumbpdate

I'm feeling much much better now...thanks to antibiotics!
Just the usual worn out one would expect form being 9 months pregnant.
That and I've had so back pains. I think the kid has been pressing on something because the last few days have been bad, I can't do much before I have to sit for a bit just to rest my back.
The yoga ball has been a God send.
I sit on it more than I sit on anything these days.

I've got one heck of a list of "to dos" for this week, but thankfully my mom has two days off and I plan on taking FULL advantage of her amazing ability to get crap done!

The husband is starting to freak a bit...
every other sentence out of his mouth is "we need to get it done, you could have that baby at any moment"
It's kinda funny, and maybe a bit true.
The fact is that I haven't dropped at all
I have had a tiny bit of verrrrrrry mild cramping.
I liken it to the pre-period know the one that makes you think "well maybe I'll put something in my purse" kinda feeling. 
Nothing I would call labor or even pre labor.

I think the hub's problem is that this came in his fortune cookie at dinner Friday.

I on the other hand still think I'm going to have to evict this kid! 
I just have this overwhelming feeling he will be late.

I have, however, been getting things ready.
Like I posted last week, I started packing the hospital bags.
I'm 90% of the way done...
just need to toss a few more things in and put it all in the car.
I'm also going to put the car seat in this week too.

I made myself some nursing tanks yesterday!
4 for $20
can't beat that...considering how pricy some can be.
I took on making them mainly because with the size of my ta-tas it's almost impossible to find a nursing tank that fits now.
So I went to the store and picked up 4 tanks that have a straight back.
clipped the straps, looped and hand sewed.
now all I have to do is hook the loop around the clip on a nursing bra and I'm set!
And speaking of nursing bras...
that was a fun shopping trip, I should reward the person who guesses at what size they lady at the bra shop wants me to order!
38 J
I almost cried.
No wonder I don't look "that pregnant", my boobs are taking over!

I also made some pee pee tee pees yesterday.
What's that you ask?
well it's a cone to cover the dudes junk so he doesn't pee all over us and the walls while changing his diaper!
I made 6, 3 for upstairs and 3 for down.
we plan on having a basket with changing stuff downstairs in the living room.
Same reason I have two nursing pillows...who wants to trek upstairs if you don't have to!
The tee-pees are so simple a quick to make, seriously took me about 15min to make all 6!

Up next is some newborn hats for the hospital...because I can and I kinda like the idea of him in something I made him right away.
That and I think the hospital hats (and blankets for that matter) are ugly.

now on to the bumpshots
37 side view
That is totally a beach cover up and not a shirt...
I wear it as a shirt all the time! 
so comfy.

Top View
I think he was a bit off to the side...looks like he's pointing at the 37 ;)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
We spent it landscaping....well the hubs did.
I made food and cleaned the house...
you know, inside where the AC is!

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