Saturday, July 20, 2013

38 week bumpdate

It's hot out people!
the heat index yesterday was 102!
the whole week has been like that...thankfully it's cooling off now
that is if you call mid to high 80's cooling off.

Somehow {by the grace of God} my mom and I managed to get everything done this week!
hospital bags are packed
rooms are clean
floors mopped
baby cloths all washed and put away
 there is nothing left to be done
I'm ready for this kid to be here...
which means he won't for a few more weeks
because that's how my luck goes.

I'm so ready, my back can't take much more.
I get to the point, about dinner time, where I can barely walk thanks to the lower back pain.
not to mention the shooting sciatic pain.

I really want this kid to bake for another 2 weeks, but I'm hoping they go fast!
I want him fully baked for the obvious reasons....and a selfish one too.

you see I want his birthstone to be the green of August and not the red of July.
why you aks?
well Andy's birthstone is September, which is blue. Mine is November, which is yellow...
and blue and yellow make green.
How cool would that be?

I know I'm a nerd {but I still think it's kinda awesome}

anyways on to bumpshots

side view

from the top

my brother told me, ever so nicely, on Thursday that I looked huge.
gee thanks

and a puppy bonus 
{she didn't realize that she was begging for tums and not real food}

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