Monday, July 15, 2013

The nesting bug

I think I've been bit by the nesting bug.
Sadly, though, I don't seem to have the energy to keep up! 

I mentioned yesterday how I have a list of stuff for the week...
Today was the kitchen.
We have this cupboard/pantry, and it just gets crap tossed in it all the time.
Along with a lazy Susan that gets to the over flowing stage rather quick.
And then the fridge & freezer....ugh.

I just finishes the panty, and managed to get a whole shelf free.
It's where I want to put all the baby stuff....bottles and bibs and stuff.
I'm thinking the reason it gets so clustered in there is because the shelves are so deep and we can't see the crap that ends up In the back.
I really want to get baskets.
Maybe (if I'm still pregnant) I can add that to next weeks list.

I'm wanting to get through the lazy Susan and fridge/freezer today...
I'm just hoping my energy can hold out! 

Tomorrow is organize baby room day! 
(I'm kinda excited about it)

1 comment:

  1. Have been following you on your journey! Can't believe time has flown by. Congrats :)

    I too have been diagnosed with the "nesting bug"!