Thursday, February 7, 2013

15 week bumpdate

So this week has been kinda bumpy {not of the baby variety} I have been stressed about school and now I'm dealing with finding a new OBGYN.  Good news I think I found one I want to go to. I'm going to call in a few and chat with the office.
So before I jump onto the homework {that I really should be working on now} Let's get on with the questions! {I'm mixing a few questionnaires I found}

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How far along? 
How big is baby?  
naval orange
Have you started to show yet? 
yes, the fat pudge is definitely now 1/2 baby and larger than the regular pudge.
Maternity Clothes: 
 yes and no, if my pants are stretchy than I'm good with regular{I have one few pairs of jeggings/leggings that I can still wear} I'm still in regular shirts.
I get flutters when I lay down at night, and last night I could have sworn that I felt a bit more than flutters.
I toss and turn a bunch, and I think that may be because of gas bubbles "stuck" under my ribs. I seem to be most comfortable on my back...hope that doesn't last, because it causes me to wake up with a killer backache. 
Best moment this week:  
quitting the Metformin, I know what you are thinking...but seriously, that crap sucks!
Miss Anything? 
no, I'm all good this week.
Symptoms: back pain, headaches, super dry skin and lips, heartburn {not too bad yet}
I had to have fruit roll ups the other day...I've had a whole box since then. I still don't want to have anything to do with meat. 
Weekly wisdom: 
If you are not happy with your Dr. make the switch, your happiness is linked to your health and your babies health. DO WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU!
Looking forward to:  
seeing a new Dr. and hopefully finding out the sex of the baby soon!
Next Appointment:

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