Saturday, February 23, 2013

just a bunch of stuff...updates and today's craziness!

  So as I stated in my last post...this last week has been suuuuupper crazy.
I still can't believe I managed to take almost a full week of decent outfit pictures! 
Then there was today...
that's not even all the kids...there were around 700!
I have to gloat, because we had the best room.
Music, Dancing and Arts & Crafts! at one point we had something like 7 people doing the cha-cha slide in the front of the room. Basically we were the bomb.
you also shouldn't give us a projector...
things like this happen
we get fishy beach pictures and us mid-westerners go a little crazy in the snow and cold.
who could blame us.
The best today was the cute little chick who decided she didn't care about making a logo, she instead drew a dino pic! 
I walked up and went "rawr means I love you in dinosaur"...she gave me the cutest smile.
and then I stole the picture when she left ;)
seriously! how cute is that thing!?!

Anyways on with the late weekly update.

How far along? 
 17 weeks 2 days
How big is baby?  
the bump says onion...I need to find a cuter object.
Have you started to show yet? 
yes, and a few kids asked me today if I was having a baby. It was cute.
Maternity Clothes: 
 yes and no, Pants are a must, but my shirts still fit.
still just flutters in the evening, they are so rare that I wonder if that's really what I'm feeling.
I think Andy my have bruises from me punching him in the night due to the volume of his snoring...I'm such a light sleeper. So I haven't been sleeping that well.
Best moment this week:  
Last Saturday I was driving home from the store and {blaring} listening to some Mumford and Sons...peanut was either liking it or hating it {it better be the first...kid won't last long around me if it hates them!} I can also feel some movement when I'm sitting or resting on the couch in the evening...makes me think Peanut is playing bouncy castle in there :)
Miss Anything? 
The low stress of last semester...being pregnant doesn't help me when I'm trying to do a million things and desperately need to nap.
 back pain, super dry skin and lips, and super bad headaches...oh so bad.
I'm craving salty and don't really want sweet...still don't want red meat, and most meat in general.
Weekly wisdom: 
Cocoa Butter Lotion. Best stuff EVER.
Looking forward to:  
having almost nothing "exciting" happening this week! I can use the rest.
Next Appointment:
March 15th 
{our anatomy scan!}
Now how about some bump action!
What I put on the baby {bump}
{Sorry so blurry}
Jeans: Motherhood
Tshirt: Walmart
Sweater: Old Navy {something like 6 years ago}

Jeans: Old Navy
Tshirt: Old Navy
Sweater: Kohls {3 years ago}

 Jeans: Old Navy
Tshirt: hubbies {stolen ;) by me}

Pants: Old Navy Yoga
Tshirt: Walmart
Hoodie: Gap {outlet}

Dress up day {gave a speech}
All from Old Navy!
{Cords are maternity and super comfy}

 Jeggings: Walmart
Top: some little kitchy shop?
Sweater: Target
I had a mentor lunch that day...I think I clean up nice!

So Friday I was running so late I forgot to take a pic but I did manage to look cute! and today we had to wear jeans and a tshirt provided {and ugly} so I saved you the photo ;0)

So there you get all the updates at once! and now I can go take a nap!

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