Thursday, February 28, 2013

18 week bumpdate

Hi guys! 
I have been enjoying a not so stressful week, but when you have one you must have the other!
Next week is midterm week {wooooo hooooo} which means two tests and a speech outling! but then a week off...
 I can't believe I'm at 18 weeks...5 months...HOLY CRAP!
I woke up yesterday and felt pregnant, I just felt so different.
my belly didn't look much different, but it felt different to me...
I kinda like it.
{this was my lazy and yet comfy run around with my mom outfit}

How far along? 
 18 weeks
{5 months today!}
How big is baby?  
sweet potato
Have you started to show yet? 
yes, someone in class the other day said "wow, momma looks pregnant today.
Maternity Clothes: 
 yes and no, Pants are a must...well I'm still squeezing into my skinny jeans but they came from the fat girl store and have a ton of stretch and my shirts are still all good but I tend to wear the few maternity shirts I have...gotta get all the use out of them I can! I'm also going to order some black leggings {capri} soon...I feel like I'm in desperate need of some.
still just flutters in the evening
ok this week, but I don't feel as rested when I wake up anymore :(
Best moment this week:  
Mom and I went out to the mall today...we ooohed and aaaahhhed over tons of cute cloths!
Miss Anything? 
nothing this week!
 back pain that is getting ever increasingly worse, super dry skin, and super bad headaches...they just won't let up.
I'm craving salty and don't really want sweet...still don't want red meat, and most meat in general.
Weekly wisdom: 
make a list of what you want to do...because you will forget one of the places you NEED to go, and in turn will have to get up early and go the next day before work.
Looking forward to:  
Our family has a Pi day {on St. Patties Day} to celebrate both pi day and the fact that we are Irish. I'm just looking forward to mass amounts of pie ;)
Next Appointment:
March 15th 
{our anatomy scan!}