Friday, February 15, 2013

What I put on the baby {bump}

So this week started out rather good, I tried my best to keep it cute. Alas the fact that my ta-tas decided to go and get themselves "sick" over the weekend has taken my wardrobe to the comfy side. I feel all frumpy and saggy not wearing an underwire bra, but looking at these pictures I see it's not as bad as I think.
so please excuse my frumpy week, it has been crazy with school work and feeling like crap.

Week 15-16

Jeans: Old Navy {maternity}
Top: Andy's from college, I've claimed it for my own.

Jeans: Motherhood
Tank: Walmart
Tshitrt: Old Navy {maternity} 
Hoodie: Victoria Secret Pink {college line:Illini} 
{my other Illini friend was joking the other day that she has 3 loads when doing laundry...whites, darks, and oranges, I just looked at her and went "me too"}

 Jeans: Motherhood
Tank: Old Navy
Tshirt: JCPenny

Jeans: Old Navy {maternity}
Tank&Tshirt: Walmart
Hoodie: Gap {outlet} 
{this was Dr. visit day, I was feeling rather poopie hence the hair and lack of makeup.}
{yes I'm a nerd, yes that's a Doctor Who phone cover}

Top: Old Navy {maternity}
Tank: Sam's Club
Pants: Old Navy yoga {my all time favorite pants}
{say Hi to Marley}

Happy Valentines Day!
Top: Victoria's Secret Pink
Tank: Sam's Club
PJ Pants: Bergners {gift from my amazing school friends}
It was cleaning day, which means no leaving the house!
{so because Andy is indecisive, he called at 4:40 and said "lets go out to eat",  I ended up putting on Jeans and we ended up at Noodles...So romantic!} 

 Tshirt: Walmart
Jeans: Motherhood
{I have a ton of black shirts}
{also... wow hair! Can it get any bigger?}

I think Saturday was it for the cute factor, after that I just kinda went blah.
Hope you guys had a good week! mine was still is. I'm off to take not one but two take home tests! wish me luck!

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