Friday, February 8, 2013

What I put on the baby {bump}

So I have decided that I will start being a cute pregnant chick...fat be damned! and if I commit myself to posting a weekly fashion post then maybe I'll stay a cute pregnant chick!
So it shall be called "What I put on the baby {bump}". 
I will go Saturday to Friday and post every Friday!
Sound cool? Sweet!

Week 14-15 

Shirt: Old Navy 
Tank: Walmart
Jeans: Lane Bryant {non-maternity}
 Belt: from an old sweatshirt
Boots: Avenue {online plus size shop}

No picture, because I didn't want to frighten you with my pj's and no bra.
you're welcome ;)

 Shirt & Tank: Old Navy{non-maternity}
Jeans: Motherhood
"Sweater": Target
Shoes: Rocket Dog {you can't see them but they are cute!}  

Sweater: Walmart! {I freekin love it, and super cheap!}
Tank: Old Navy
Tunic: Forever 21 {forever ago}
Jeggings: Walmart 
Boots: Avenue
{none of this is maternity}

Sweater: had it for ages, can't remember where it came from
Tank: Old Navy {3yrsago, wore it to get ready for our wedding!}
Jeans: Old Navy {maternity}
Shoes: Blowfish {so so sooo comfy}

 Purple Tank: Sam's Club
White Tank: H&M
Cardi: Gap {3 years or so ago}
Jeans: Lane Bryant
Hair Clip: made by me!
{wish you could see my hair, somehow I got it to look super cute super early in the am! it's a messyish bun}
"Sweater": Target
Tunic: Motherhood {such an awesome top, totally worth the $30}
Yoga pants: Old Navy {non maternity}

and I swear to you all I promise I will clean my mirror this weekend.  

 This morning I was in a major rush, and we found out that a friend's brother passed away, the visitation is tonight and I had to find something comfy but dressy to sit in for 6hrs of work {in a verrrrry uncomfortable chair} and then go to a visitation in.

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  1. Super cute, girlie! Sorry to hear about your friend's brother. :(