Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Oh this week...

Oh you guys...I don't think this week {or for that matter, this month} is ever going to end!
Today I gave a speech {to which I shook like a frightened small dog and ran out of saliva}, I talked so fast that I was short by almost a minute...still got a B though! Then I had to cram lunch in so I could cram some math into my brain...stupid quiz didn't even contain what I crammed beforehand AND we were allowed one sheet of paper to put what ever we desired on {I filled that mother} and only about 1/3 of the questions consisted of what I studied or put on my paper! Thank God we can drop one quiz grade!
That was just today...
My stupid butt vollenteered to teach kids to make logos this Saturday...there will be upwards of 500 kids ranging from age 2-15...I'm pretty sure I'm insane, but it's going to be fantastic on my résumé!

I've had so much I've wanted to post here lately, but I've been so busy I can't even think straight!
I need better time management skills...I must figure that out within the next 4 months

{and holy crap 4months!!!}


  1. Sorry about the crazy week! No fun! Hope things settle down.

  2. That sounds super stressful, hopefully next week is better.