Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cast Your Vote!

We have our anatomy scan on Friday!
Can't wait to find out who is in there!

I put a clicky poll over to the right ->
Cast a vote between now and Saturday night and I'll add you to the voter tally at our gender reveal party!
We are having a pizza and cupcake party, I'll be making the cupcakes with a pink or blue surprise inside!

I'll post Monday the 18th and let you guys know what the little peanut is!
{we are having a family party on Sunday, and I'll be surprising some school/work friends on Monday}

and if you are wondering...
I have the girl feeling and Andy has the boy feeling.


  1. Totally going with a girl!!! Can't wait to find out!!!

  2. I'm guessing boy :) You are so creative to have a pizza and cupcake party, how fun!