Friday, March 1, 2013

What I put on the baby {bump}

Apparently I like sweaters this week...I quite literally had one on each day. But to my defense it was cold out and it did snow twice...and my first two classes are in rooms that should be ice boxes!
{I also have to admit that I love the way my belly looks when a sweater is unbuttoned over it} 

Week 17-18

 {brunch with my parents}
Sweater: H&M {2yrs ago}
Shirt: Old Navy {non maternity}
Jeans: Lane Bryant {non maternity}

Sweater: Old Navy {long time ago}
Shirt: Old Navy {non maternity} 
Jeans: Motherhood
Jewelry: I made it ;)  

Sweater: Kohls {long time ago}
Shirt: Old Navy {maternity} 
Jeans: Lane Bryant {non maternity}

 Sweater: Kohls {long time ago} 
and yes again today...I wear it a lot.
Shirt: Target {2yrs ago non Maternity}
 Tank: Old Navy {non maternity}
Jeans: Lane Bryant {non maternity}

I'm so out of it today...hence the top of my head being cut off and the extreme close view!
Sweater: Target
Top: H&M {5years ago}

I'm also kinda excited, I started taking photos from above yesterday...I even trekked out into the snow! I want to do one either each week or every other week and see how the growing belly looks from above. I just want to remember every part of this pregnancy.
I also made a new tab at the top, of just baby bump so as soon as I have time to actually blog about non baby things and you start seeing something other than outfits and bumpdates you can just go there to see the difference!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend...
I'll be writing and researching a speech...woo fun times!


  1. Yep, looking very pregnant in that first picture! The sweater combo works for you! :)

    1. Look at Wednesday! I feel like Wednesday hit and my body went "yep we are pregnant today"