Saturday, March 2, 2013

First Trimester Esentials

So now that I'm out of the first trimester I figured I would toss together all the things that made my life easier {if that's possible with morning sickness!}

So here you go, the things that got me by for weeks when nothing seemed sane.

1. my trusty water bottle I don't set it down, but in those first few months I could almost have nothing...even water made me gag so I made sure I was stocked in the handy little lemon of juice. I'd squirt a bit in my ice water and somehow I could drink it.
2. Old Navy Yoga pants...heck I still live in these! I have them in black, gray and navy blue.
3. Goldfish! seriously the only thing besides water I could handle. I would keep them by me at night so first thing in the morning I could toss a few in my mouth. It totally helps with that want to puke feeling when you wake up.
4. my lips seemed to take a hit with pregnancy and I have gone through 2 tubes of Blistex Deep Renewal since I found out there was a peanut in there. It seems to be the only chapstick that doesn't gunk up on my lips.
5. my trusty humidifier! ours is that exact model {I think we got ours at Walmart}. It's warm air, not hot or cold so it works anytime of the year. It was so nice to wake up not dry...I was getting nose bleeds because I was so dried out! It also has a little cup inside the vent area that you can put oils in...I need some lavender!
6. someone gifted me this sleep set, it's got this soft lavender camomile smell and it's fantastic...I think it's geared more to the babies, but let me tell you how much better I slept after a nice bath with that bubble stuff in it! I still use it if I'm having a rough day and I know it's going to be hard to calm myself down to like a charm. {and if you don't want to pay the Johnson's price tag, Target has their off brand and it's just as good and way cheaper!}

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