Friday, March 29, 2013

22 week bumpdate

 yesterday was a moccasin kinda day

I can't believe I hit 6 months! I also forgot to take a side view shot...
it was a crazy day...and I had a family scare.

How far along? 
  22 weeks, 1day {6months}
How big is baby?  
a papaya!
Maternity Clothes: 
  almost totally in them, still pulling out a few shirts, but I really don't want to stretch out all my cloths and have nothing after baby!
he's a mover and a shaker in the mornings and evenings. I felt him kick from outside last night for the first time!
doing ok, I do have a hard time falling back to sleep after a pee run.
Best moment this week:  
Snow day on Monday, spending 2 days with my momma this week and feeling him kick.
Miss Anything? 
eating and drinking without getting heartburn.
  haven't had a migraine this week{knock on wood}, heartburn, lower back pain...I also have a tooth ache :(
still don't want red meat or chicken, fell like I could eat a turkey sandwich everyday all day...stupid listeria!
Weekly wisdom: 
wrap your loved ones in bubble wrap {I'll explain below}
Looking forward to:  
hosting Easter brunch again this year and seeing family.

so on to why you should wrap your loved ones in bubble wrap...

That is my cousin they are pulling out of the passenger side.
She is ok, but had to have surgery on her leg.
her boyfriend was driving and not paying attention...{probably texting}
they hit a phone pole and she hit her head on the windshield and had a compound fracture in her leg...
she is 6 states and a 24hr car ride, $600 plane ticket or $300 bus or train ticket away from me.

for an hour all I knew was that she was in a car accident that involved a phone pole and the windshield. I was so scared {and home alone} I just sad and cried and prayed the entire hour.
It took them 4hrs to get her into surgery, I don't know why.

Please please don't text and drive.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

a late 21 week bumpdate

 yes I know I'm late on this but I'm seriously stressing about the fact that there are only like 6 weeks left to this semester...and then I graduate.
I'm a bit freaked out about it.

so since not much has changed I'll just give you a rundown of the week.
The kid is now the size of a pomegranate

He kicks me constantly, but sadly my placenta is in the front and he is feet down so you can't feel him from the outside yet.

- Last weekend we did our gender reveal party, such a fun idea.
I ate my weight in pie and got to see family I haven't seen in a while.
- we registered for the little dude, and will make it all "live" soon, I'm still adding and tweeking.

- Monday was filled with a bad headache and classes

- Tuesday I spent some time with my cousin and came home reasured that I'm not insane for wanting to bring the little man inot this world all natural.

- Wednesday consisted of more classes and a d-bag teacher posting that his giving us an extra week on the assignment was, in fact, a mistake...cue me having a major panic...over a 1000 words due by 8pm!

- Thursday my mom and I went thrifting! Got some good stuff, to witch my mom wouldn't let me pay for...she's going to gift me a huge basket for my shower!
we also got our new dryer delivered on Thursday! woo hoo for clean undies!

- Friday was a work all day kinda day, and I was not feeling too hot from all the walking and shopping the day before...I mostly whined all day.

- Today I was forced (by the hubby and the baby) to eat a hotdog...ugh
I'm doing all sorts of homework this weekend...booo

This is the oh so comfy outfit my mom got me (minus the cardigan)
New maternity shirt from feels like butter it's so soft!
and new skinny jeans from Old Navy! 

ok I'm off to do way too much homework now :(

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Dude and his hand-me-downs

 Say hello to dude, little man, or as I have been calling him the last few days the kid.

I think he's quite the cutie pie, but I may be a bit partial ;)

 I went out to visit with my cousin today. She has two boys and a new little girl 
(I say new but she's really more like 3-4months)

I walk in to a pile of cloths! 
woo hoo hand-me-downs!

and this photo looks like a small pile...but I have them stacked.
I didn't think to take a picture of them all laid out and I wasn't about to unfold and unstack what took me a while to get through!

 but best of all was the tub of diapers she gave me to use!
 that pile is all newborn cloth reusable!!!
I'm such a dork, I took them all out and checked them all out...tiny little fluffy butts!

Now we just have to find somewhere to put all this!
looks like it's time to find his dresser soon.

My cousin is also training to become a teacher for natural childbirth, and it was so nice to have someone to talk to about all my fears and hopes since I plan to do this all natural.

well I need to get to doing some homework since I have spent my entire day with tiny baby things ;)

Monday, March 18, 2013

ok I've kept you waiting long enough! IT'S A...

 so this is my massive batch of cupcakes.
I made them on Saturday and let me tell time I'll hire my baker friend to do it for me!

want to know what's inside???
That's right! we are having a little man!

The pizza & cupcake party was a hit.
we got to skype with my sister-in-law (brother-in-law and kidos too) and I think the house full of waiting people was the best. 
helped that I had the cupcakes on the counter the whole time...hehe
I have a few friends to surprise this afternoon and then the Facebook world gets to find out.
People are driving me nuts on there!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Happy Patty's Day!

I'm about to fill myself with my weight in pie. My family has a yearly pie day and I'm so pumped to get my hands on some banana cream pie...mmmmm
Then it's back home for a pizza gender reveal party!

"Wherever you go and whatever you do, May the luck of the Irish be there with you."

Thursday, March 14, 2013

20 week bumpdate

 so I have decided that doing two post a week on baby belly stuff is just too many, sooooo it's all going to be one from now on it will just be one long picture and info dump!
 Here goes!

How far along? 
  20 weeks, half way there, half way done!
How big is baby?  
a banana
Baby weighs about 10.2 ounces and measures about 6.5 inches.
Have you started to show yet? 
yes, I feel like I'm shoving my gut out...but I'm not.
Maternity Clothes: 
  still in a mix of things
stronger by the day, and mostly when I sit and rest or when loud noises are Marley barking.
besides getting up a gazillion times a night to pee I'm doing ok, not fantastic but ok.
Best moment this week:  
Spring Break Baby! I've had some time to myself this week and it's been fantastic.
Miss Anything? 
turkey sandwiches, I think I would give anything for one at the moment.
  Migraines and back aches are on the top of the list these days.
still living in a cheese and carb world mostly, which is annoying since I would kill for some chicken, but it still gives me the yucks.
Weekly wisdom: 
you may plan for a whole week of things to do, you will probably only get one or two things on the list done...sorry.
Looking forward to:  
Finding out what this little peanut is IN THE MORNING!!!

now on to the picture dump!
gift from one of Andy's employees, so super cute!

lazy Saturday at home


Sunday's instagram photo

 Tuesday's breakfast date with my grandma

Wednesday was brought to you by the comfiest pants I own and my warmest sweater!
I sat around waiting all day for a dryer repair man that never showed up or called!

Today, so cute just to run to the store...but this sweater from Gap is the softest.

I'm also working on some of the party details for Sunday's reveal! and on a shamrock shirt for the pie party!
mmmmm pie
{Today is pi day (March 14: 3-14 since pi is 3.14), so enjoy a pie}

Monday, March 11, 2013

sorting and cleaning day

I'm going through all my cloths today
It's the fun daunting task of sorting piles of
"can still stretch a bit" and
"put it in a box because that puppy is stretched out already" {thanks boobs}

and how is it 3pm already?!?! I feel like I've been at it for about 30 min, and in reality I've been in a cloths avalanche for about 3hrs!

guess I better get back at it...

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cast Your Vote!

We have our anatomy scan on Friday!
Can't wait to find out who is in there!

I put a clicky poll over to the right ->
Cast a vote between now and Saturday night and I'll add you to the voter tally at our gender reveal party!
We are having a pizza and cupcake party, I'll be making the cupcakes with a pink or blue surprise inside!

I'll post Monday the 18th and let you guys know what the little peanut is!
{we are having a family party on Sunday, and I'll be surprising some school/work friends on Monday}

and if you are wondering...
I have the girl feeling and Andy has the boy feeling.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

What I put on the baby {Bump}

I do believe that this may be the end of my regular shirt wearing self...
I really don't want to stretch the crap out of all my stuff and then have to replace it when it all looks like crap on a non pregnant form.
I'm planning on trying to make some larger shirts into maternity 
{I'll be sure to post some tutorials if I do}
 Andy got me a new maternity yoga jacket from Target! 
It's the bomb, I pretty much wear it daily now ;)
{as evident in Monday and Wednesday's photos}

 Jeans: Motherhood
Shirt: Old Navy {non-maternity}

 Jeans: Motherhood
Shirt&Tank: Old Navy {non-maternity}

 Jeans: Lane Bryant {non-maternity}
Shirt: Old Navy {non-maternity}
Jacket: Target {maternity}

Yoga Pants&Tank: Old Navy {non-maternity}
Tshirt: Victoria Secret Pink {non-maternity}
Jacket: Target {maternity}

Jeans: Lane Bryant {non-maternity}
Shirt: Old Navy {non-maternity}
Sweater: Kohls {non-maternity}

Friday, March 8, 2013

National Women's Day

It's national women's day...
because half the population gets a day...
shouldn't we get a month or something???

I learned to be a strong woman thanks to my mother.
she raised me alone for 8 years, she's so strong.
I'm so thankful I had her...and that I still do.
 I had to talk her into this one...totally worth it!

I feel that our wedding photographer's caught our bond so well.
just a little pre-wedding drink ;)

 this one makes me well up every time, but isn't it just like a mother to want to wipe away every tear?

I can't wait to have this kind of bond with my children.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

19 week bumpdate

so I have yet to take a photo of myself today...I probably won't.
It is, in fact midterm week and I'm battleling a killer headache and a hip that feels dislocated! 
so instead I'll show you my view from above shot from last week.
{I plan to take this week's tomorrow} 
{photo taken 2/28/13}
How far along? 
 19 weeks
How big is baby?  
a Mango!
baby measures about 6 inches long and weighs in at about 8.5 ounces!
Have you started to show yet? 
yes, there is defiantly a baby in there!
Maternity Clothes: 
  Still in a mix of regular and maternity shirts, but I'm almost fully in maternity pants now.
the flutters are getting stronger!
on and off when it comes to sleep, I have been dealing with some bad back pain and killer headaches so it's been super hard to sleep.
Best moment this week:  
It's midterm week...and it's not even over! I'm just happy I'm almost done and I'm almost half way pregnant!
Miss Anything? 
nothing much...wouldn't mind some more sleep!
  My back and head are killing me, heartburn hasn't been that bad.
I made a pot-roast the other was so good, but I still don't really want any other read meat.
I'm totally wanting salty foods non stop...which is not so good for me, I know.
Weekly wisdom: 
Take time for yourself! {it will soon be all about baby}
Looking forward to:  

Saturday, March 2, 2013

First Trimester Esentials

So now that I'm out of the first trimester I figured I would toss together all the things that made my life easier {if that's possible with morning sickness!}

So here you go, the things that got me by for weeks when nothing seemed sane.

1. my trusty water bottle I don't set it down, but in those first few months I could almost have nothing...even water made me gag so I made sure I was stocked in the handy little lemon of juice. I'd squirt a bit in my ice water and somehow I could drink it.
2. Old Navy Yoga pants...heck I still live in these! I have them in black, gray and navy blue.
3. Goldfish! seriously the only thing besides water I could handle. I would keep them by me at night so first thing in the morning I could toss a few in my mouth. It totally helps with that want to puke feeling when you wake up.
4. my lips seemed to take a hit with pregnancy and I have gone through 2 tubes of Blistex Deep Renewal since I found out there was a peanut in there. It seems to be the only chapstick that doesn't gunk up on my lips.
5. my trusty humidifier! ours is that exact model {I think we got ours at Walmart}. It's warm air, not hot or cold so it works anytime of the year. It was so nice to wake up not dry...I was getting nose bleeds because I was so dried out! It also has a little cup inside the vent area that you can put oils in...I need some lavender!
6. someone gifted me this sleep set, it's got this soft lavender camomile smell and it's fantastic...I think it's geared more to the babies, but let me tell you how much better I slept after a nice bath with that bubble stuff in it! I still use it if I'm having a rough day and I know it's going to be hard to calm myself down to like a charm. {and if you don't want to pay the Johnson's price tag, Target has their off brand and it's just as good and way cheaper!}

Friday, March 1, 2013

What I put on the baby {bump}

Apparently I like sweaters this week...I quite literally had one on each day. But to my defense it was cold out and it did snow twice...and my first two classes are in rooms that should be ice boxes!
{I also have to admit that I love the way my belly looks when a sweater is unbuttoned over it} 

Week 17-18

 {brunch with my parents}
Sweater: H&M {2yrs ago}
Shirt: Old Navy {non maternity}
Jeans: Lane Bryant {non maternity}

Sweater: Old Navy {long time ago}
Shirt: Old Navy {non maternity} 
Jeans: Motherhood
Jewelry: I made it ;)  

Sweater: Kohls {long time ago}
Shirt: Old Navy {maternity} 
Jeans: Lane Bryant {non maternity}

 Sweater: Kohls {long time ago} 
and yes again today...I wear it a lot.
Shirt: Target {2yrs ago non Maternity}
 Tank: Old Navy {non maternity}
Jeans: Lane Bryant {non maternity}

I'm so out of it today...hence the top of my head being cut off and the extreme close view!
Sweater: Target
Top: H&M {5years ago}

I'm also kinda excited, I started taking photos from above yesterday...I even trekked out into the snow! I want to do one either each week or every other week and see how the growing belly looks from above. I just want to remember every part of this pregnancy.
I also made a new tab at the top, of just baby bump so as soon as I have time to actually blog about non baby things and you start seeing something other than outfits and bumpdates you can just go there to see the difference!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend...
I'll be writing and researching a speech...woo fun times!